Gheusis, in Greek, means “taste”. Along with seeking them out, we combine a knack for understanding and enhancing the fine things our country has to offer.
Gheusis was founded in 2004 as a result of a mix of insight and great passion. We immediately started to specialize in the worlds of wine and food, but our typical curiosity led to us exploring other sectors as well.

We chose this name because of our love for classical culture and, in particular, for Ancient Greece, the civilisation that contributed in a decisive way towards shaping our culture of what is good and beautiful.
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We are a communications agency with an entirely female staff. As women, there are three watchwords that underlie our working methods: professionalism, creativity and tenaciousness.

Blue and red, these are Gheusis’ colours.
Blue is the colour of the sea and the sky, but also of trust, stability, harmony and inner balance, qualities that we consider fundamental in a true professional.
Red, on the other hand, is linked to vitality, strength and willpower. It is the colour of creativity and courage, of love and passion. Indeed, love for what we do is an essential element in our work.

Our goal is to make Italy better known in the rest of the world, through the producers, the regions and the products that everyone envies us, communicating their characteristics in an elegant manner.

One of our major qualities? We are always happy to reconsider our opinions and, thanks to our ongoing dialogues, we like to feel that we are always progressing in harmony with our clients and partners.

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